For a long time the library has had a copy of a booklet entitled Life and Exploits of John Dillinger: America’s Public Enemy No. 1. However, our copy has been missing pages 29-32, 47 and the cover.

Recently we found these pages thanks to the Indiana Collection at the Indiana State Library in Indianapolis, IN. They had an incomplete copy too, but they had the pages we were missing! After exchanging pages we now both have complete copies.

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Galbraith, Robert (aka J.K. Rowling) Lethal White

Kirkpatrick, Jane Everything She Didn’t Say

Peterson, Tracie In Times Gone By

Williams, Beatriz The Glass Ocean

Patterson, James Juror 3

Koontz, Dean The Forbidden Door

Perry, Anne Dark Tide Rising

Tracy, P.J. The Guilty Dead

Flynn, Vince Red War

Fluke, Joanne Christmas Cake Murder

Deveraux, Jude A Willing Murder

Graham, Heather Echoes of …

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We had a problem: When you looked out the picture window in the community room there was a whole bunch of septic tank stuff staring back (cover, vents). Boo! Hiss!
But, with the help of amazing local artists Mike and Jessie, we now have a beautiful book themed wishing well instead! …

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There are three different MW Historical Society events coming up next week!! A talk about the MW area pre-European contact, American Indians, early logging, railroads, and other stories. There will also be two different pontoon boat tours.

Please see our calendar of events for all the info!

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