For a long time the library has had a copy of a booklet entitled Life and Exploits of John Dillinger: America’s Public Enemy No. 1. However, our copy has been missing pages 29-32, 47 and the cover.
Recently we found these pages thanks to the Indiana Collection at the Indiana State Library in Indianapolis, IN. They had an incomplete copy too, but they had the pages we were missing! After exchanging pages we now both have complete copies.
The VERY NEAT POINT about this booklet is it is copyright dated May 5, 1934… a mere two weeks AFTER the Little Bohemia shoot-out. Therefore it is a very contemporary piece to the time of our most famous Manitowish Waters historical incident. AND, it was published PREVIOUS to Dillinger’s death by only 2 1/2 months.
The last lines of the booklet read:
“At the time these words are written
Dillinger is still at large…
he is a hunted criminal with a
price on his head and an army of
manhunters at his heels.
Whether, by some strange freak of
fate, John Dillinger is able to
keep on escaping the law…
the adage still holds
Check out a copy of this booklet from the library by requesting it here.