FYI for Early Winter

The December Newsletter link is below. But first, Janelle’s been thinking about what gives each of us peace during these uncertain times. Pets definitely fit the bill. Here are stories about Janelle and Sarah’s pet friends. We hope to feature stories about some of our volunteers furry friends as well.

Happiness Through Our Pets, In a Short Story By Janelle
With our lives under such constraint this year, where can we find our happiness and peace? I find these feelings through my pet. He is my constant. Six years ago my daughter brought home a Teddy Bear puppy named Ollie. I was NOT happy to have a puppy join my two other dogs, knowing most of the care would fall on me. Eventually Ollie’s personality came out and I fell in love with this dog that has become my constant buddy who likes talking to me, kissing and hugging me, and taking me on walks. He puts a smile on my face every single day.

Here is Sarah’s constant:
Dusty makes me smile about a hundred times a day. She is always doing something crazy, like in this picture: she just HAD to be on the computer while I was trying to Zoom church. Dusty was my brother’s cat and we inherited her when he passed away. She is the last living link to him, so she is super special to our family. 








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