NEW Fiction – August – 2023

Author Title Release Date
Benjamin, Melanie California Golden 8/8/2023
Brown, Sandra Out of Nowhere 8/1/2023
Chiaverini, Jennifer Canary Girls 8/8/2023
Graham, Heather Cursed at Dawn 8/22/2023
Hoffman, Alice The Invisible Hour 8/15/2023
McCall Smith, Alexander The Discreet Charm of the Big Bad Wolf 8/29/2023
Michaels, Fern Rock Bottom 8/22/2023
Patchett, Ann Tom Lake 8/1/2023
Patterson, James Lion & Lamb 8/22/2023
Preston, Douglas Dead Mountain 8/22/2023
Putney, Mary Jo Silver Lady 8/22/2023
Reichs, Kathy The Bone Hacker 8/1/2023
Rollins, James Tides of Fire 8/15/2023
Slaughter, Karin After That Night 8/22/2023
Steel, Danielle Happiness 8/8/2023
Weiner, Jennifer The Breakaway 8/29/2023

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