NEW Fiction – February – 2024

Author Title Release
Atwood, Margaret Fourteen Days 2/6/2024
Austin, Lynn All My Secrets 2/6/2024
Beaton, M.C. Death of a Spy 2/13/2024
Box, C.J. Three-inch Teeth 2/27/2024
Carr, Robyn The Friendship Club 2/28/2024
Fin, A.J. End of Story 2/20/2024
Hannah, Kristin The Women 2/6/2024
Hurwitz, Gregg Lone Wolf 2/13/2024
Kellerman, Jonathan The Ghost Orchid 2/6/2024
King, Laurie, R. The Lantern’s Dance 2/13/2024
Koontz, Dean The Bad Weather Friend 2/1/2024
Patterson, James Crosshairs 2/12/2024
Petrie, Nick The Price You Pay 2/6/2024
Quindlen, Anna After Annie 2/27/2024
Theroux, Paul Burma Sahib 2/6/2024