NEW Fiction – January – 2022

Allende, Isabel Violeta 1/25/22
Atkins, Ace Robert B. Parker’s Bye Bye Baby 1/18/22
Benedict, Marie Her Hidden Genius 1/25/22
Chamberlain, Diane The Last House on the Street 1/11/22
Fellowes, Jessica The Mitford Vanishing 1/18/22
Gardner, Lisa One Step Too Far 1/18/22
George, Elizabeth Something to Hide 1/11/22
Guterson, David The Final Case 1/11/22
Harris, Joanne A Narrow Door 1/4/22
Houston, Victoria Wolf Hollow 1/11/22
Hunter, Stephen Targeted 1/18/22
Koontz, Dean Quicksilver 1/25/22
Krentz, Jayne Ann Lightning in a Mirror 1/18/22
Lippman, Laura Seasonal Work: Stories 1/4/22
Lupica, Mike The Horsewoman 1/10/22
Mitchard, Jacquelyn The Good Son 1/18/22
Parker, T. Jefferson A Thousand Steps 1/11/22
Peterson, Tracie Ever Constant 1/18/22
Rollins, James The Starless Crown 1/4/22
Stabenow, Dana Disappearance of a Scribe 1/18/22
Steel, Danielle Invisible 1/4/22
Tracy, P.J. Desolation Canyon 1/18/22