NEW Fiction – July 2020


Atkins, Ace The Revelators
Bannister, Jo Dangerous Pursuits
Bergren, Lisa Once Upon an Irish Summer
Bova, Ben Uranus
Butcher, Jim Peace Talks
Coulter, Catherine Deadlock
Deutermann, Peter The Hooligans
Freeman, Brian Robert Ludlum’s the Bourne Evolution
Graham, Heather Deadly Touch
Griffiths, Elly The Lantern Me
Kellerman, Jonathan Half Moon Bay
Lawhead, Steve In the Kingdom of All Tomorrows
Lustbader, Eric The Nemesis Manifesto
Macomber, Debbie A Walk Along the Beach
McCall Smith, Alexander The Geometry of Holding Hands
Patterson, James Cajun Justice
Patterson, James 1st Case
Putney, Mary Jo Once Dishonored
Quinn, Spencer Of Mutts and Men
Silva, Daniel The Order
Snelling, Lauraine A Blessing To Cherish
Wiggs, Susan The Lost and Found Bookshop