NEW Fiction – July – 2022

Baldacci, David The 6:20 Man 7/12/22
Chiaverini, Jennifer Switchboard Soldiers 7/19/22
Child, Lincoln Chrysalis 7/12/22
Deutermann, Peter T. The Last Paladin 7/19/22
Freeman, Brian Robert Ludlum’s the Bourne Sacrifice 7/26/22
Garwood, Julie Grace Under Fire 7/19/22
Gear, W. Michael Lightening Shell 7/12/22
Gerritsen, Tess Listen to Me 7/5/22
Graham, Heather Aura of Night 7/26/22
Koontz, Dean The Big Dark Sky 7/19/22
Macomber, Debbie The Best Is Yet to Come 7/12/22
McCall Smith, Alexander Sweet Remnants of Summer 7/19/22
Patterson, James Shattered 7/18/22
Peterson, Tracie Beyond the Desert Sands 7/5/22
Reichs, Kathy Cold, Cold Bones 7/5/22
Silva, Daniel Portrait of an Unknown Woman 7/19/22
Ware, Ruth The It Girl 7/12/22
Wiggs, Susan Sugar and Salt 7/26/22
Zevin, Gabrielle Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow 7/5/22