NEW Fiction – July – 2023

Author Title Release Date
Baker, Chandler Cutting Teeth 7/18/2023
Burke, James Lee Flags on the Bayou 7/11/2023
Fluke, Joanne Pink Lemonade Cake Murder 7/25/2023
Freeman, Brian Robert Ludlum’s the Bourne Defiance 7/25/2023
George, Nina The Little Village of Book Lovers 7/25/2023
Graham, Heather Secrets in the Dark 7/25/2023
Hunt, Angela The Woman from Lydia 7/11/2023
Johnstone, William Bad Hombres 7/25/2023
Koontz, Dean R. After Death 7/18/2023
Lippman, Laura Prom Mom 7/25/2023
Macomber, Debbie Must Love Flowers 7/11/2023
Oates, Joyce Carol Zero-sum 7/18/2023
Patterson, James Circle of Death 7/3/2023
Patterson, James Obsessed 7/10/2023
Peterson, Tracie Finding Us 7/25/2023
Quinn, Spencer Mrs. Plansky’s Revenge 7/25/2023
Silva, Daniel The Collector 7/18/2023

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