NEW Fiction – June 2019

Atherton, Nancy            Aunt Dimity and the Heart of Gold
Baker, Jo                         The Body Lies
Bates, Callie                     The Soul of Power
Brown, Rita Mae            Whiskers in the Dark
Card, Orson Scott          The Hive
Cussler, Clive                  The Oracle
Gear, W. Michael           Star Path: People of Cahokia
Gilbert, Elizabeth          City of Girls
Green, Jane                    The Friends We Keep
Harris, Joanne              The Strawberry Thief
Oates, Joyce Carol        My Life As A Rat
Palmer, Diana               Unleashed
Patterson, James          Unsolved
Peterson, Tracie           Wherever You Go
Richards, Emilie           A Family of Strangers
Simsion, Graeme           The Rosie Result
Steele, Danielle             Lost and Found
Weiner, Jennifer          Mrs. Everything
Woods, Stuart              Skin Game