NEW Fiction – June – 2023

Author Title Release Date
Allende, Isabel The Wind Knows My Name 6/6/2023
Benedict, Marie The First Ladies 6/27/2023
Dailey, Janet The Sound of Sleighbells 6/27/2023
Graham, Heather Whispers at Dusk 6/27/2023
Hilderbrand, Elin The Five-star Weekend 6/13/2023
Horan, Nancy The House of Lincoln 6/6/2023
Iles, Greg Southern Man 6/13/2023
Jackson, Lisa The Last Sinner 6/27/2023
Johansen, Iris The Survivor 6/6/2023
Patterson, James Cross Down 6/5/2023
Patterson, James Private Moscow 6/13/2023
Patterson, Richard North Trial 6/13/2023
See, Lisa Lady Tan’s Circle of Women 6/6/2023
Smith, Wilbur Nemesis 6/20/2023
Steel, Danielle Palazzo 6/27/2023
Ware, Ruth Zero Days 6/20/2023
Weber, David The Weltall File 6/6/2023
Wiggs, Susan Welcome to Beach Town 6/20/2023
Woods, Stuart Near Miss 6/6/2023

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