NEW Fiction – April – 2023

Author Title Release
Baldacci, David Simply Lies 4/18/2023
Bunn, T. Davis Shell Beach 4/25/2023
Clark, Mary Higgins Where Are the Children Now? 4/18/2023
Deveraux, Jude My Heart Will Find You 4/11/2023
Frazier, Charles The Trackers 4/11/2023
Graham, Heather Shadow of Death 4/18/2023
Griffiths, Elly The Last Remains 4/25/2023
Hillerman, Anne The Way of the Bear 4/25/2023
Lehane, Dennis Small Mercies 4/25/2023
Palmer, Diana The Loner 4/25/2023
Parker, T. Jefferson The Rescue 4/25/2023
Perry, Anne The Fourth Enemy 4/11/2023
Sandford, John Dark Angel 4/11/2023
Smith, Lee Silver Alert 4/18/2023
Stabenow, Dana Not the Ones Dead 4/11/2023
Thompson, Victoria Murder on Bedford Street 4/25/2023

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