NEW Fiction – Oct – 2021

Archer, Jeffrey Over My Dead Body
Beaton, M.C. Down the Hatch
Brown, Rita Mae Claws for Alarm
Cabot, Meg No Words
Child, Lee Better Off Dead
Grisham, John The Judge’s List
Hoffman, Alice The Book of Magic
Kingsbury, Karen Forgiving Paris
Kinsella, Sophie The Party Crasher
Klavan, Andrew When Christmas Comes
Kraus, Teri Farmhouse Retreat
LeCarre, John Silverview
Lovesey, Peter Diamond and the Eye
Macomber, Debbie Dear Santa
Maguire, Gregory The Brides of Maracoor
McCall Smith, Alexander The Joy and Light Bus Company
Patterson, James 2 Sisters Detective Agency
Penny, Louise w/ Hillary Clinton State of Terror
Peterson, Tracie Waiting on Love
Quinn, Spencer It’s a Wonderful Woof
Steel, Danielle The Butler
Weber, David To End in Fire
Woods,Stuart Foul Play
Smith, Wilbur The New Kingdom
Sparks, Nicholas The Wish