NEW Fiction – September- 2023

Author Title Release Date
Archer, Jeffrey Traitors Gate 9/26/2023
Beaton, M.C. Dead on Target 9/19/2023
Brett, Simon Blotto, Twinks & Conquistadors Gold 9/26/2023
Cabot, Meg Enchanted to Meet You 9/5/2023
Eskens, Allen Saving Emma 9/19/2023
Flynn, Vince Code Red 9/12/2023
Follett, Ken The Armor of Light 9/26/2023
Galbraith, Robert The Running Grave 9/26/2023
Jance, Judith A. Blessing of the Lost Girls 9/19/2023
King, Stephen Holly 9/5/2023
Krueger, William Kent The River We Remember 9/5/2023
Lewis, Beverly The Heirloom 9/12/2023
Michaels, Fern Santa and Company 9/26/2023
Osman, Richard The Last Devil to Die 9/19/2023
Patterson, James 12 Months to Live 9/25/2023
Patterson, James 23 ½ Lies 9/12/2023
Perry, Anne The Traitor Among Us 9/12/2023
Robb, J.D. Payback in Death 9/5/2023
Woodsmall, Cindy Until Then 9/5/2023

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