Donate Money to Purchase Materials

Many other community members and part-time residents continue to support the library with donations, memorial donations and gifts. These tax-deductible donations are used to purchase materials and equipment for our growing collections. If you would like to make a donation to the library, stop in.

Donate Used Books, CDs and DVDs

A large part of our collection was obtained through donations from area residents. The library gratefully accepts used books, CDs and DVDs.

The annual book sale is a major fundraiser for the Friends of the Library, and is comprised largely of donated used books. Please note that we do not accept magazines, encyclopedias, condensed books, video tapess, books on tape, nonfiction more than 10 years old or anything damp, moldy or excessively in poor condition. Our complete policy can be seen here.

Book Donation Policy

The Frank B. Koller Memorial Library built its book collection on donations. Since the library opened for business in June of 1987 thousands of books have been donated by many generous people, for the enjoyment of all.

The Frank B. Koller Memorial Library does have a specific policy to follow with donated books.  We would ask the donator please take notice of this policy:

  • The library does NOT accept old encyclopedias, Readers Digest condensed books, magazines, VHS, audio cassettes, or school textbooks.
  • Due to the large volume of donations, the library is unable to send personal thank yous.
  •  The library cannot put a value on a book donation for personal tax purposes, but will indicate on paper the specific number of books donated
  •  The library WILL NOT accept books that are in any way dirty, dusty, moldy, smell of mildew or are torn, bent out of shape, or written on. It takes precious time and money from the library to discard such books.
  • Books not kept by the library or used in the book sale will be discarded.
  • Please do not drop donations in the book drop. or leave at the front door if the library is closed
  •  Books added to the library collection are subject to weeding, and may be discarded after spending time on a library shelf. Do not expect your donated book to stay on a library shelf forever.
  •  Small donations (such as a grocery bag of no more than 10 books) are accepted year around.

 We thank you for your donation.

Amended:    March 28, 2001, reviewed on July 31, 2003, and February 28, 2018 by the Library Board